New on Etsy – February and March 2019

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Hello all! Today I am going to write about 10 new products, which appeared in my Etsy shop during February and March 2019 🙂 All pictures are clickable and using these links you can go to the appropriate pages on Etsy.

  1. Let me start from the newest – Gold doily Icarus designed by Grace Fearon 
  2. New PDF pattern of Mona doily is now available 
  3. Teal blue doily Raven, which has been created during the CAL. Designed by Zoya Matyushenko.
  4. One of Tatiana’s candles, pink candle in textured glass jar, it has so nice and sweet aroma of old time, it’s so pity we can’t share smells via internet 🙂 
  5. Three options of aroma candles, in textured glass jars. So nice vintage style. 
  6. New crochet pattern – Cheryl Doily 
  7. Blue doily Pineapple Pops. Designer is Ramalakshmi Pasumarthy. This doily is so beautifully textured, look at it: 
  8. It seems, simple, but so nice blue gray candle with crystallic structure and old time aroma.  
  9. New crochet pattern of scarf or shawl for this spring! Textured heart and tassels. And the finished scarf is also available on my Etsy site, just decided to mention it here  
  10. And the last one – beautiful lavender candle, with Old Time aroma again (it’s a new specification of Tatiana’s candles for now). This candle is in the glass jar and it is decorated with lace (I was working on it a little bit, to make this candle a little bit more interesting) 

Thank you for your interest! I hope, I’ll return soon with something new 🙂

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